sizemi UI


‘sizemi’ was developed in response to a assessment brief, in which a Brisbane shopping center was interested in the ways current university students imagined that brick-and-mortar retail would exist in the future. Primary user research revealed that shopper’s biggest complaint was being unable to find their correct clothing size. Therefore, I developed a prototype for a mobile user interface that worked in three steps:

  1. Measure the body correctly: To remove the frustration caused by ill-fitting clothes, sizemi will create a 3D model of the user’s body to calculate their size upon entering the shopping center.
  2. Locate the correct size: Augmented reality and RFID tags will then lead the user directly to garments of their size without having to dig through piles or racks.
  3. View on similar body types: Before buying, users can browse reviews and photos from people with a similar body shape.
Category UI design